authoritative parenting essay

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The Value of Authoritative Parenting There are many approaches to parenting and everyone has their own preferences as to what they think is best. In a fast paced rush around society, it is hard to know what the best choices are for your children. There is a struggle to balance what needs to be done with what can be done,
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View authoritative parenting style essay from PSYC 231 at SUNY Buffalo. My opinion on parenting styles is that authoritative is the most correct way. This style allows for the children and parents to.
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The second style is Permissive parenting. This style of parenting is characterized by a warm loving relationship between the parent and child, but the parents have low expectations of behavior. In other words the permissive parents are usually to afraid to discipline their children, and that's where the mistake in parenting
The commonly known parenting styles are four. They include authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent, and neglectful parenting. Authoritative parenting is parenting style that is both responsive and demanding. Parents who use this parenting style teach their children to be independent while at the same time controlling their
Assignment 10: What are the dangers in parenting this age group? Our book describes 3 different styles of parenting. Authoritarian, Permissive, and Authoritative. I really like the concept of love and logic. The three parenting styles of love and logic are, respectively, drill sergeant, helicopter, and consultant.... 327 words.
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